Course Web Pages


We are now utilizing the TWEN program from Thomson-West (Westlaw) to provide course web page support.

To see your class' web page(s), please do the following:

  • visit Westlaw at
  • login using your Westlaw password
  • select the TWEN link at the top of the page
  • click the Add a Course button
  • for each course you are enrolled in, place a check mark next to the course title by pointing and clicking your mouse
  • scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Submit button
  • you should now see a list of your enrolled course(s)

Visit each link to determine any required assignment for your first class meeting or other important class information.

For a brief student TWEN guide in Adobe Acrobat format click here. You must have Adobe Acrobat installed in order to view the guide. For Adobe Acrobat software, click here.

TWEN technical support is available by contacting Thomson-West directly at 1-800-486-4876 or via e-mail

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